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The Secret To A Smooth First Shave

If the time has come for you to take on your first shave you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to pass on all of our shaving knowledge and advice to you. We want to make sure you get the easiest and most sensitive shave you can. So don’t worry, with our tips and tricks you’ll be a shaving pro in no time at all.



First things first – choosing the perfect products for your prep is essential. Whether it’s a shave gel, cream or even balm, we suggest choosing products that contain natural oils such as jojoba or argan oil. These ingredients hydrate and moisturise your hair and skin making for a smoother shave.


When it comes down to the shave you have to make the choice between foam, gel or cream. We recommend using a transparent gel for your first time shaving as this will give you a clearer view of where you’re shaving.

Post Shave

Aftercare is a crucial part of your shave and having the right soothing and healing products to hand are a must. We recommend using a post shave balm, moisturiser or cream that contains aloe vera as this helps to soothe and heal your skin post shave.

Taking on the shave

Pre shave

When it comes to shaving the prep should be your priority. This step will help to get your skin ready for a sensitive and smooth shave. We recommend using a facial wash and some warm water as this opens your pores, lifting the hair ready for shaving.  

The right tools

A good mirror and lighting is the key to the perfect shave. Being able to clearly see what and where you are shaving will help you to avoid any nicks or rashes.


Shave in the direction of the hair growth. This is the key to having a sensitive shave as it causes less irritation and decreases the chance of ingrown hairs.

Take your time

Slow and steady really does win the race when it comes to shaving. Your skin will be sensitive and it’s important that you take time and care to avoid any shaving rashes or nicks. 

Wet shaving

Add a little water into the mix. Wet shaving is the way forward when you’re first starting to shave.h Water is absorbed by the hair follicles making them softer and ready for shaving. Warm water also stimulates the muscles in your face helping the hairs to stand up straight for easy cutting.

Post shave

After care is always essential. We recommend applying a shave balm, moisturiser or cream to your face after shaving to help close your pores and soothe your skin. This will help to prevent irritation and blotchy skin – result.

What shaver should you choose?

In our opinion foil shavers are the best for using on your first shave. The foil captures the hair and cuts it close to the skin but not underneath giving you a close shave with less chance of ingrown hairs and irritation. That’s why we recommend using the Sensitive Shaver for your first shave, as its design and features are tailored to give you your most comfortable and sensitive shave.


It has ComfortHybrid cutters that gently cut the hair at, or above the skin’s surface, giving you a clean and close shave with less chance of irritation – perfect for your first shave. The lift and guide combs lift the low-lying and longer hairs upwards to be cut by ComfortHybrid cutters to help avoid ingrown hairs.


The Sensitive Shaver is designed to soothe your skin whilst you shave. With an antibacterial aloe vera conditioning bar, this shaver moisturises whilst you shave but also helps to soothe your skin minimising shaving rashes.

Longer Battery Life

When shaving for the first time it’s important to take your time. That’s why our Sensitive Shaver is fitted with a lithium battery that gives you up to a 45 minute run time so you can take things slow and avoid any irritation from rushing.

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