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What will Santa look like this Christmas?

Holidays are coming, and after preparing for his busiest year yet, so is Santa. While the world is thinking about Christmas dinner trimmings, we’ve been thinking about Santa’s beard trimmings - because let’s face it, it’s due an insta-worthy upgrade.

Last year, we conjured up 9 looks that we thought a modern-day Santa might fashion, and our Remington followers chose The Gentleman as their favourite look for 2018. This year, short shorts are in and hipster beards never left - could Santa have picked up on 2019’s biggest trends?

So, one year on, we’d love to hear what 2019 vibe you think has worked for him. As a little throwback, take a look at our suave Santa-styles to jog your memory. Grab a mince pie, brace yourself for some inspo and tell us what you think.

The Wild One

Wild Santa doesn’t follow trends. He lets his creativity run wild with beard baubles and body art that speaks only to him. He uses the brush included in the MB4045 Beard Kit on his beard, and the trimmer keeps things trim and not-so-lairy every now and then.

Wild Santa

The Bearded Hipster

This disguise gets Santa to those mince pies - without fail. He can do away with the sleigh and walk around the trendiest spots without having to sign autographs. The EDGEStyler Beard Stencil with the Beard Barba Trimmer is all he needs.

The Gentleman

Put your 2018 winner together with one of our bestsellers - the Graphite Series G5 - and you’ll make the perfect gentleman. Will The Gentleman be your favourite for 2 years’ running?

The Bit of Rough Santa

The Bit of Rough

While he’s been checking it twice, he’s decided his beard should be naughty, not nice. He and Mrs Claus are both fans of this subtle stubble, all thanks to the Style Series F5’s 3 Day Stubble Styler.

The Goatee

As the ‘Official Electrical Styling Partner of Manchester United’, we’re big fans of red. And Goatee Santa clearly feels the same. On match days, The Beard Boss Trimmer Manchester United Edition helps him shape the perfect goatee, before throwing on his red jacket to cheer on the reds.

The Goatee
Hipster Santa

The Hipster

Santa ain’t one for following trends, but he couldn’t resist when it came to the round specs and twirly tash - making him the perfect hipster. The Heritage Foil Shaver shaves his cheeks, while the Heritage Fold Out Trimmer is his trusty companion to style the goatee.

The Elvis

The big, thick, statement side-burns and quiff have passed from one king to another. Could the King of Christmas have had a 2019 of rock ‘n’ roll? The Ultimate Series Rotary R9 Shaver’s pop-up trimmer helps swerve around the sides and keep the neck smooth.

The Elvis
The Smooth Criminal

The Smooth Criminal

With 7 billion people in the world, Santa has things planned to a T. And it’s not just Christmas Eve which needs precision planning - the Durablade helps him keep a shaven look, without having to buy new blades throughout the year.

Classic Santa

What if it’s a case of ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’? What if Mrs Claus likes cuddling up to the fluffy beard and classic jacket? The Classic Santa likes to keep things traditional. He needs nothing more than a pair of scissors for a little maintenance.

Classic Santa

You’ve now seen all of the possibilities, and we can’t wait to hear what style you want to see Santa rocking this Christmas, so head over to Instagram and tell us what you think.

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