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How to Shave Your Head

Your go to barbershop is closed but you still want to look fresh? We've got your back! Here’s our foolproof guide on how to shave your head at home with our Ultimate Series RX5 Head Shaver.

Step 1 - Prep & decide on your shave

If you want a comfortable but quick shave, opt for a dry shave, or for a little extra skin protection use your favourite shaving gel or foam. With either method, if your hair is longer than 2mm, first trim it down before using the RX5.

Step 1 - Prep and Decide


Step 2 - Work around the head in circular or linear motions

Step 2 - Circular or Linear Motions

Starting at the top and making sure you're not pressing too hard, move the shaver slowly around your head. Using a handheld mirror may help to ensure you haven't missed anything!


Step 3 - Clean up your sideburns

Using the pop-up trimmer, you can finish off by trimming your sideburns or edging your beard for a clean polished look.

Step 3 - Clean up


Step 4 - Finish with a post-shave product

Step 4 - Post-Shave Product

To keep your skin in its best condition, apply a post-shave balm or moisturiser all over.

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