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It’s time to REVEAL your Beauty Must-Haves

Every woman has favourite tools of the trade when it comes to beauty and wellbeing. Our range of beauty tools have been designed to boost and define, making you feel fantastic every day.

From perfect brows and long lashes, to beautiful skin and fabulous feet you won’t want to hide, our REVEAL beauty range will leave you flawless from head to toe.

Eyes: For maximum impact lashes our Heated Eyelash curler delivers instant results, with no pinching or pulling. With perfect lashes your brow game needs to be strong, fix stray brow hairs and other unwanted facial hair, with our Beauty Trimmer.

Skin: For super smooth glowing skin all over, our facial cleansing brushes and body brush leave skin feeling soft and radiant in seconds – a must have in your everyday beauty routine.

Feet: Prep pretty feet the kind and easy way, with our Perfect Pedi. The gentle roller buffs skin to satin-smooth perfection, safely and effortlessly.

Teeth: Get a dentist-fresh smile every day, with our dental care range. The SONICFRESH™ cleaning technology is superior in its approach to plaque removal. Sonic pulses deliver 31,000 strokes per minute, blasting away build-up and revealing natural whiteness.

Discover these everyday essentials that’ll leave you wondering how you every lived without them.