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We know that shaving can be a bit of a sore topic if we have sensitive skin but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore. In our opinion, shaving with sensitive skin can be easy as long as you have the right tool for the job. Having said that, we’re here to introduce you to the Sensitive Shaver and tell you about all of its great features that help you to achieve a close and clean shave with minimal irritation.

Comfortable cutting

For some of you out there, your shaving regime is a daily routine – which is why comfort has to be key. We at Remington understand, which is why we’ve added ComfortHybrid cutters to our Sensitive Shaver. These gentle cutters cut the hair at, or above the skin’s surface, giving you a clean and close shave with less chance of ingrown hairs and irritation – you can thank us later. But if that wasn’t enough, we’ve ramped up the comfort even more and added lift and guide combs. These combs work by lifting the low-lying and longer hairs upwards to be cut by ComfortHybrid cutters.

Soothing for sensitive skin

If you’re prone to irritation and need something to soothe your skin whilst you shave, then the Sensitive Shaver has you covered. Fitted with an Aloe Vera conditioning bar, every stroke of your shave should be delicate and gentle. So how does it work? Aloe Vera is known for being rich in vitamins and minerals, making it perfect for moisturising, being antibacterial and also containing healing qualities that can soothe shaving rashes.

Wet Shaving

We know that wet shaving is the way forward for many men out there with sensitive skin, which is why we’ve made the Sensitive Shaver fully washable. Designed so it can be used with either a shave gel or foam, we’ve done everything we can to try and ensure this shaver is the perfect remedy for any man who suffers discomfort or irritation with their shave.

If you want to know more about the benefits of wet shaving and our top tips for the job, then take a look at our article Shave Off Hair And Time In The Shower.

Longer Battery Life

We understand that some of us like to take our time when it comes to shaving facial hair – especially if we’re prone to irritation and rashes. That’s why our Sensitive Shaver is fitted with a lithium battery that gives you up to a 45 minute run time. And its handy LED indicator lets you know if the battery is running low, charging or full – meaning this reliable shaver will never unexpectedly cut out on you.

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