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Good things do come in small packages

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a clean cut kind of guy, or a proud owner of a beard. The Flex360° excludes no one. Now, for those of you out there who’ve recently purchased a Flex360° or are about to, we want to make sure you know exactly how to use your shaver and how to get the most out of it.

The Flex360° Rotary Shaver

The Flex360°, our small and compact rotary shaver has all the power of a larger shaver, fit into a comfortably sized design that fits in the palm of your hand.

The Flex360° not only works in harmony with your wrist movements to achieve your best shave, but also feels completely natural in your hand. Its special HyperFlex technology also allows the shaver head to adapt to the contours of your face, resulting in a close shave- a perfect feature for all of you chiselled heart-throbs out there.

If all of that isn’t great enough, for those of you converted to the wet side - this shaver is also suitable to use with shaving gels/foams or in your morning shower for an even cleaner refreshing shave. Why not see our top tips on how to shave in the shower?

Flex360° Grooming Kit

Do you enjoy a full grooming routine? Then the Flex360° Grooming Kit is the perfect choice for you. This multi-tool combines everything you could need for your grooming routine, as it includes the following interchangeable heads: the Flex360° shaver, a cleansing brush, a pre-shave brush and a beard trimmer.

This versatile grooming kit means that one week you can be working dangerous 5 o’clock stubble and the next a slick, smoother look.

And if you’re the type of guy who tends to groom on the go or are even going somewhere, it makes the perfect travelling companion so you’re always looking your best. See how we keep in style on the go here.

Our tips and tricks for getting your best shave with the Flex360° Grooming Kit


To begin, when using your Flex360° firstly start by attaching the cleansing brush head. Then, apply a generous dab of facial wash onto the end of the brush and slowly work it around your face to cleanse your skin and open up your pores.


Next, put on the pre-shave massage head and focus on the stubble area. This head works to soften your stubble, to prepare your face for an easier and more successful shave.


Now, you can begin to start on your shave. Attach the shaving head and easily work your way around the contours of your face, the HyperFlex technology will work to get around the corners of that strong jawline! As your hair grows in all different directions, it’s best to work the shaver around the face in circular motions to achieve optimum rotary shaving results.


Alternatively, if you’re only looking to neaten up your much adored beard, just clip on the styler attachment and get to work on creating various styles. Use the adjustable comb to achieve different lengths (2-6mm). You can also use the styler without the comb, to define beard lines and shape sideburns.

Feel ready for a new shaver challenge? We’ve got you - three challenges, one shaver, yes that’s right. But don’t just take our word for it, see the Flex360° Challenge for yourself here.

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