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DuraBlade – The Only Blade You’ll Ever Need

The divide in the men’s styling world is between trimming and shaving. But where does that leave those of us who enjoy both? We’ll tell you – with DuraBlade. So, that’s why we’re here to tell you about its great features and how to use it.

What is DuraBlade?

DuraBlade is the ultimate grooming tool designed to streamline your facial hair styling routine and make your regime easier. Whether you’re looking for a better way to maintain your facial hair or you want something to speed the process up, DuraBlade is the tool for you. It doesn’t matter if you want to trim, shave or style your facial hair – we’ve got you covered.

One tool for the job

We know many of you out there require more than one tool to get your desired look and swapping between products can be a bit of a chore. That’s why we’ve created one tool for the job. The Dual sided TST Ultra Blade means you can cut any length of hair, in any direction up to as close as 0.02mm. This means you can groom from full beard to a clean shaven look in just one swift step – removing the preparation stage and saving you time.


We know it can be quite expensive and time consuming buying replacement blades, which is why we’ve invented a trimmer with an infinity blade. Yes, you heard us right, with DuraBlade this is the only blade you’ll ever need – trust us.

Styling time

DuraBlade comes with a 60 minute usage time, perfect for numerous uses and plenty of styling time to achieve your desired look. And its handy LED indicator will always let you know when the battery is running low or charging – smart eh?

100% waterproof for your shave

We know that water and shaving foam not only makes the shaving process quicker but also less sensitive, which is why we’ve kept that in mind when creating DuraBlade. Perfect for shaving in the shower, it’s 100% waterproof, has an ergonomic design and it even has an anti-slip grip great for maximum control. We’ve also added a TST blade to our trimmer which our tests have shown works much better with foam than normal blades – meaning you get a much closer and cleaner shave.


For those of you who adore your beard but know it needs some serious taming in order to remain looking fresh, then you’ll love the DuraBlade trimmer. With a range of adjustable comb sizes provided from 1,2,3,4,6mm, you’re set to trim back any beard into a smarter length.


With DuraBlade you’ll no longer have to worry about trimming back your beard before starting on your shave. The only dilemma you’ll face is whether to opt for a dry shave or add some water into the mix. And if you like to get a really close shave but don’t enjoy the irritation that often comes with it, you’ll love the TST blade that cuts hair above the skin’s surface. But what does this mean? It means you’ll be able to get that close shaven look with less chance of ingrown hairs and irritation.


Just like a carefully chosen tie finishes off the suited and booted look, nothing finishes the face off quite like a neatly defined beard. DuraBlade allows you to sculpt your beard and create structured lines that leave you looking sharp and suave. But best of all, this precision cutting tool can also help create the illusion of a stronger jaw line – perfect for those of us in need of a little help.

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