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Wherever You Travel Stay Stylish

The travel bug is spreading and we’ve all definitely caught it. It doesn’t matter if you’re chilling on a beach in Bali or raving at your favourite music festival- staying looking well groomed is important.

We know when you’re hanging out with the lads, having the time of your life; it can definitely take its toll on your appearance! Come on, we’ve all experienced the flat fluffy hair you get first thing in the morning or the 3 day old stubble creeping down your neck that makes you look more scruffy sightseer than trendy traveller.


Now, we understand that when travelling or going to festivals it’s important to keep your products compact and preferably battery operated. So, check out our tips on how to stay looking fresh and stylish wherever you are, with some great travel products.



Say NO to heavy items! No matter how much you love your big hairdryer now, give it a few days with it weighing down your backpack and you’ll be ready to toss it off a cliff.

Instead, we suggest you invest in light and compact alternative items that can help you achieve your look without the strain on your back.


We suggest swapping the brush for a comb; it’s much lighter and can do the same job! It’s also easy to keep in your pocket for those moments you need to be looking on top form quickly!


A small compact mirror can be your life saver! Whether you’re having a shave or styling your hair, a handy pocket mirror can assist you in any task.

Just make sure it’s got a good case so it won’t break in your bag - especially for you festival goers!

Trust us, when you’ve walked across 5 fields just to get the festival entrance, you’ll definitely want to sling your bag down and drag it the rest of the way to the campsite.


Now this isn’t just for girls lads, we don’t know how anyone survives without it! Give your hair a quick spray in the morning to get rid of the greasy bed head, or use it for a bit of volume in your life.


A cheaper alternative for those of you lucky enough to be blessed with fair locks. Talc can work just as good as dry shampoo, and it also goes much further.

But why stop there? It can also be used for freshening up your body in the overwhelming heat or to use after a long walk to stop clothes or bags rubbing.


A small pot of petroleum jelly is the perfect fix for any problem. Use it as a lip balm to protect your lips from cracking, or run a bit over your brows to tame any unruly tufts. This can also double as hair wax if you’re running low on space, smooth some onto your hair to hold down any strays.


A good post shave balm or moisturiser is vital to have when travelling or at festivals.

We suggest looking for one with SPF if you can, because not only does it protect you from the sun, it also prevents wrinkles.

Just apply some balm/moisturiser after your shave, to help soothe your skin and close your pores. This will help you avoid breaking out in rashes and stop any germs or dirt getting into your open pores.



This is perfect for you guys with sensitive skin, who like to keep your face looking smooth and stubble free.

Its light compact style means it can be tossed into the back of your backpack with no worries until needed.

Just make sure you charge it before your travels and you’re set to go with 30 minutes usage time or up to ten shaves.

Just give it a quick wiz around your whiskers in the morning before you leave your tent or hostel and you’re ready for a smooth adventure.


When you’re living the backpacker life, hippy styles and top knot trends can become a part of your everyday life.

But still to this day, we haven’t seen a trend that suggests overgrown nose and ear hair is fashionable. We suggest you invest in a Smart Nose & Ear Trimmer that can easily manage your hair upkeep for a small price that won’t break the bank. Take a look at our nose and ear trimming guide for the best ways to cut away those stray hairs.


This travel dryer is ideal for fitting into your backpack for travelling.

Its lightweight structure folds easily in half, to fit into any small crevice left in your already chaotic backpack.

All you need is a plug socket and the right adapter, so you can blow dry your hair wherever you are.


For those of you panicking that your hair needs more maintenance than the average guys, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Whether you need to tame the frizz, or secure those cow licks into a slicked back style, the compact mini straightener helps you to remain looking your best wherever you are. You won’t need a straw hat to hide your hair on this trip.


The Flex360° groom kit is the perfect travelling companion.

Its small, compact size means it can fit right in the palm of your hand, giving you maximum control, whatever you’re doing.

This all in one kit contains the Flex360° shaver and the following detachable heads: the Charcoal deep cleansing brush, the Pre-shave massage brush and the Grooming Styler attachment with adjustable comb.

This multi-tool gives you all the requirements to stay looking well-groomed on your travels, whether you want a smooth shaven look or a short sculptured beard.

The Charcoal deep cleansing brush is ideal for cleaning your oily skin after a long day in the unbearable heat, whilst the Pre-shave massage brush is perfect for softening stubble for an easier shave. When you’re finished just chuck it into your backpack until your next use. See how versatile it can be and just how compact it is, proving that Good things do come in small packages.

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