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Faded Beard Step By Step

Introductory paragraph We love the fade but seriously, who doesn’t? Defining your face, this style gives you a little help on your way to perfecting that chiselled jawline. Slowing fading up towards your hairline this beard style is not only on trend but the perfect way to keep your beard shaped. So for all of you beard lovers out there looking for a new style, this look is an on trend trim that will never fade out.


Steps :

  • Using the TouchTech Beard Trimmer, start by trimming the longer hair around your chin and goatee area with the 7.0 comb length.
  • Next, adjust the comb length to 4.0 and work your way up your jawline
  • Once you’re finished, adjust the comb length to 2.0 and fade beard from the earlobes upwards into sideburns for the ultimate faded look.
  • Remove the beard comb from your TouchTech Beard Trimmer.
  • To ensure ultimate precision and a sharp look, edge detail around cheeks and jawline
  • Once you have achieved the finished look, apply beard oil.
  • Finally you’re left with a faded beard that won’t fail to get attention.

The Kit:

  • TouchTech Beard Trimmer
  • Beard Comb
  • Beard Oil

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