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Swept Back Short Sides Step By Step

This swept back style with short sides is the ultimate slicked back look. Bringing back the suave stylings of the 50’s bad boy greaser, this look is cool and current. Whether you’re looking for a sharp new look to wear for a night on the town or you want to sharpen up your style for work this is the hairstyle for you.


Steps :

  • Generously spritz the root lifting spray evenly over your damp hair
  • Next using your AIR3D Dryer, blow-dry the hair all over using a medium heat and speed setting. Work your way through your hair using your fingers to lift the roots as you direct the air flow from the dryer onto each area.
  • Then using the Air Plates Compact straighteners, take sections of hair starting near the crown and work your way forwards. Use your fingers to lift the hair up at the roots and softly bend the hair back with straighteners to create a swept back look.
  • Finish by applying a matt texture paste throughout the hair, to hold it firmly in place.
  • Now you’re ready to face the world with a suave, swept back and short sides.

The Kit:

  • AIR3D Dryer
  • Air Plates Compact
  • Matt texture paste
  • Root lifting spray

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