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The Beard Care Essentials For Black Men

We know that those of you with afro hair are the boss when it comes to growing a seriously impressive beard – but maintenance can be a bit of a struggle.  That’s why we’ve got your back when it comes to beard care. We’ve got the tips and tricks to leave your beard looking full with a glossy and healthy shine. What makes afro hair different? The answer to the big question – curls. Afro hair has a tightly coiled, flat structure which means that once the hair has been cut it’s more likely to curl back on itself and grow backwards into the skin causing ingrown hairs and irritation. So although you’re blessed in appearance with a thick looking beard when it comes to maintenance – your tresses can be troublesome.


Choosing the right beard products is really important especially for those of you with afro hair. Most shop bought shampoos, oils and balms contain ingredients that actually dry out your hair and skin of its natural oils, leading to brittle hair and an ashy appearance. So what are the best beard products for black men? We suggest using beard care products that use natural oils and moisturisers that hydrate your beard leaving it with a healthy shine. Products that contain natural oils such as jojoba, argan oil and shea butter are perfect for afro beards as they not only moisturise the hair but also soften itliminating frizz.

Shampooing and conditioning


Just like the hair on your head over washing leads to one thing – a dry beard. That’s why it’s important to only shampoo your beard once a week as this allows you to clean your beard and the skin underneath without removing any of its natural oils.  Conditioning however needs to be a little more frequent with afro hair in order to keep it soft and manageable. We suggest using a conditioner two to three times a week to keep your beard and skin moisturised.

Beard balm

Beard balm is the key to taming and securing all of the curly flyaway hairs of your afro beard. Beard balm also works as an additional conditioner to keep the beard hydrated throughout the day – an essential for afro hair.

Good Brush

When it comes to grooming and styling your beard it’s important you choose a good beard comb or beard brush. Normal plastic combs often pull at your hair causing split ends which can be very damaging to your already brittle afro hair. We suggest that instead you invest in a strong wooden comb that can detangle your beard hair without any tugging.

Beard Oil

Black skin and hair is known for being dry which is why using hydrating products is essential. We recommend always using beard oil as it not only moisturises your skin making it feel softer but it also hydrates your hair. We suggest applying it daily to a damp beard as this helps to reduce the chances of irritation.


A large part of taking care of your beard is regular trimming. Afro hair is often dry and much more likely to split than other hair types which is why trimming your beard frequently can put a stop to split ends and keep your beard looking well maintained. We’ve suggested some trimmers below that are perfect for maintaining a sculpted and defined beard.

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