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Sun, Sand and Hair Removal

Many of us men live with the attitude ‘out of sight, out of mind’ when it comes to our body hair and we’ve secretly spent the whole of winter wearing an extra fur coat under all of our clothes. But, with summer on the horizon and the words ‘beach body ready’ being thrown about everywhere, the time has come for us to tame our hair. Instead of painful waxing and strange hair removal creams, we suggest grooming in the comfort of your own home with the following methods.

Get a trim

For those of you wanting to embrace your masculinity and keep your well-loved body hair, but know it’s in desperate need of attention; then grooming is the way for you.

With a body hair grooming tool, you can easily tidy up your hair to a shorter, sexier length, worthy of a golden sandy beach and bikini babes. And, for those of you with darker, thicker hair, whose skin hasn’t seen sunlight in years, then a trimmer also works really well for thinning out your hair - so you can finally get a tan.

Top tip for trimming/ grooming this summer: When trimming your back hair, if you don’t have a kind partner willing to assist you, make sure you have multiple mirrors and good lighting to ensure an easier and safer trim.

Smooth your surfaces

If you want to achieve a beautifully bare swimmers body or bring attention to those hidden muscles, IPL is the product for you. We know what you’re thinking, what even is it? But if you like to go smooth, then this is your saviour.

Intense pulsed light or IPL, works by light energy from the device targeting the hair root and breaking the cycle of growth. This method is perfect if you want to remain completely hair free for the whole summer.

Top tip for IPL this summer: Start using IPL 12 weeks before summer to get the process started for best results. Also make sure you definitely want to stay hair free, as you could enjoy permanent results in just three treatments.

Alternatively, if you’re a no fuss kind of guy, who’s looking for a fast and effective way to smooth your surfaces, you can also use our WETech Body Groomer - the perfect tool for prepping for the beach.

It has a foil shaving head, for getting that smoothly polished, hairless look and a pre-trim head for cutting down those longer, thicker hairs.

For a comfortable and easier shave, we suggest starting with the pre-trim attachment, to tackle those troublesome tresses before moving on to the clean shave using the foil mesh shaver.

Its showerproof nature means you can simply take care of business in the shower and re-emerge with a clean-shaven, coveted look.

Top tip for using the WETech this summer: The WETech groomer has a battery usage time of 60 minutes, so if your hair removal is going to be a big job, make sure it’s fully charged beforehand.

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