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Recharge Your Skin in 60 seconds

We all have those days after a long week at work, when tiredness is beginning to take its toll on our appearance. The dark bags under our eyes seem bigger and suddenly the laughter lines and forehead wrinkles are far more prominent than ever before. We no longer look in the mirror and see a youthful young lad staring back at us. It’s now we realise we need to be paying more attention to our skin. Unfortunately, the Recharge Compact Cleansing Brush can’t rewind time and eliminate your wrinkles - trust us we wish it could. But instead it can brighten up your skin to make it look re-energised, hiding a multitude of sins.

Want to know more?

The Recharge Compact Cleansing Brush is a perfect quick morning fix to hide a tired restless night. In just 60 seconds you can illuminate your skin, making you look well rested and glowing. This cleansing brush doesn’t need to be a hindrance to your current routine, its convenient waterproof nature means you can easily take it with you into your morning shower. Let’s face it, it’s a definite upgrade to the old stained flannel in desperate need of being binned - yes we all have one.

The Recharge Compact Cleansing Brush is all about bringing ease to your life in any way it can and using this brush couldn’t get any easier. The Recharge Compact Cleansing Brush is designed to work around the face in three sections for 60 seconds. You won’t even have to worry about when to change sections as the brushes pulse function will kick in every 20 seconds, reminding you to move on. Clever, eh?

How it works

Charcoal Brush

We know what you’re thinking, charcoal in a brush and not on a BBQ? But let us explain. Charcoal can work to draw out impurities from the skin, unclog your pores and lure out dirt and oil from your skin. So for those of you that cringe when you see pictures of your oily forehead gleaming in photographs, this could be your answer to a cleaner, less shiny look.

To use

Firstly, wet your brush and face to get started. Then, add some facial wash to your Charcoal Brush and work it around your face in three sections, the 20 second pulse function will let you know when to move on from each section. After 60 seconds you’re done and ready to start the day with bright, less dewy looking skin.


Do you ever wish your shave was more comfortable? Well, now it can be. The Pre-Shave attachment on the Recharge Compact Cleansing Brush massages your stubble until it becomes soft and ready for shaving. But that’s not all! The rotating movement of the brush also pulls your hair follicles upwards, making them stand straight so they can be easily cut. This prevents the chances of getting ingrown hairs and makes your overall shaving experience much easier.

To use

Start by wetting your face with warm water. Then, squeeze some facial wash into your hands and lather it up, before beginning to work it into your stubble. Next, work the Pre-Shave Brush over those wiry hairs until they begin to feel soft and ready for shaving. You can also increase the speed of your brush if you’re dealing with some seriously stubborn stubble.

Skin & Stubble Brush

Now for those of you out there who like to remain looking rough and rugged, the Skin & Stubble Brush is the perfect attachment to help you maintain your stubble in a cleaner, more comfortable way. So how does it work? The brushes intensive bristles work deep into your stubble, relaxing the hairs, whilst also cleansing the neglected skin underneath. We want to make sure you won’t be scratching any faces with your super smooth stubble.

To use

Start by wetting your brush and face, and then apply some facial wash on to the head of your brush. Slowly massage it into your stubble to cleanse the skin beneath and soften your well adored stubble. Cleanse your face in three sections, using the 20 second pulse function as a reminder of when to move on from each section. After 60 seconds you’re done and now have smooth stubble your partner can’t complain about.

Why stop there?

You can also purchase extra heads for your brush!

Sensitive Brush - sold separately

We understand that those of you with delicate skin need to give it a bit more tender loving care, which is why you can also purchase the extra Sensitive Brush head. Its softer bristles are gentle on your skin whilst still achieving maximum cleansing. To give extra care to your delicate skin the brush also has 3 cleansing speeds that allow you to adjust the speed to your skin type.

Normal Brush - sold separately

The Normal Brush is the perfect purchase for those of you out there lucky enough to be blessed with well-balanced normal skin. Whether it’s been a heavy night on the town or you’ve just woken up with dull looking skin, this brush can remove the impurities in your skin, making you appear more energised and radiant.

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