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Must Have Hairstyles For 2017

The Quiff

The quiff is a versatile style that can be worked in a variety of different ways and it really does work for any occasion. Have shiny, sharp looking hair for work, then, turn it into a tousled, chilled out quiff for a night out with the lads.

So, how do you attain this sought after style? If you’re looking to achieve the smart, sophisticated slicked back, simply blow-dry the hair backwards and finish by combing in some pomade to set the look.

Alternatively, if you want the more relaxed, messy looking quiff, follow the same step and blow-dry the hair backwards, but this time finish with some matt styling paste instead. For best results, run this through your hair with your fingers to get a really textured look.

Style Tip: If you were born with a five-head instead of a forehead, we suggest you stay away from the quiff, as this might only draw attention to the area you feel self-conscious of.

XXL Length

We are so excited about XXL hair being in fashion for 2017! All we can say is-it takes a real man to confidently work this extremely long length.

For those of you who’ve never previously rocked the long locks before, it’s not as easy as you think! Unlike the other styles in fashion for 2017, you can’t get this over night; the XXL length tresses take some serious commitment and time to achieve.

Style Tip: If you’re lucky enough to be sporting this style but you’re struggling with the maintenance; we suggest putting it up into a well groomed man bun or pony tail. Alternatively, if you want to wear it down, a middle parting can create a much smarter, tidier look.

Soft Curls

Fluffy free flowing curls are what’s on trend for 2017, whether they’re long and bouncy or short and tousled, if it’s curly you’re current.

For those of you blessed with natural curls, this is going to be a very easy year for you, so sit back, relax and remain on trend. But for those of you with envious eyes for the curly style, you can use our mini straightener to help you create this look.

Style Tip: To create a more natural look, we suggest alternating the direction between each curl of the straightener and using minimal product! We understand you want your curls to hold, but this curly look should appear soft, like you can run your fingers through it; not concreted still, unable to even blow in the wind.

Curtains/middle parting

It’s time to reminisce on the 90’s boy band era, but not for their well-loved songs we all secretly have a soft spot in our hearts for.

The thing catching our attention this year is their charmingly handsome trademark middle partings. Now, this isn’t a style that everyone will love and you need to be pretty sure of yourself to work this look. But if you’re ready to embrace the boy band look and the attention that comes with it, you might end up changing your actual luck.

Style Tip: On the right guy, the curtains can frame the face and accentuate some of your most attractive features.

Say hello to the silver fox

Embrace the greys. This is the year of the silver fox! If stress has given you more grey hairs than you might have liked, don’t worry because that’s put you right on trend.

So please, don’t be afraid of the grey! If you’re conscious that working your natural greys might age you, just jazz your hair up with a trendier younger style like a quiff. Let’s put it this way, the younger generation and celebrities, are all jumping on board with the slick, silver style, so get out there and proudly work your glorious greys.

Style Tip: If you find your greys looking dull and lifeless, we suggest using silver shampoo to rejuvenate and add some shine to your mane. Alternatively if you’re looking to get greyed up, go to your hair salon and re-emerge as a silver fox.

Deep sweep comb over

The comb over is back and we couldn’t be happier. For those of you with images of posh choir boy cuts in your head, think again!

The comb over has evolved so much more since then. The newly on trend deep sweep comb over creates a rough and rugged look with its sweeping side parting and very little taming of the tresses. We suggest growing the sides of your hair longer to achieve best results with this look. The more tousled the trendier is our motto.

Style Tip: If you’re working this laidback lad style, don’t put too much product in your hair. When working the sexy windswept look, too much product can turn your runway worthy mane into greasy looking, unwashed hair.

Buzz cut

We’re welcoming back the buzz cut with open arms; one of our favourite styles that gives all men the complete bad boy look. But before you reach for the clippers, just know; going grade one all over is not for the shy or self-conscious.

So, if you’re certain you’re ready to take the plunge, we suggest using our Quick Cut Clipper, the perfect tool for DIY as it’s shaped to fit comfortably in your hand. Just make sure you’re happy with baring all, because going bald can be a bold move.

Style Tip: If you have strong piercing eyes and harsh features, be careful with going for the shaven look. You could end up looking more ruffian than ruggedly handsome.

Mid-Length hair

For those of you who were ahead of trends, trying to grow XXL hair -but didn’t quite get there! Don’t worry; you’re still bang on trend.

The Mid-Length hair is just as desirable this year, so think 1970’s wavy, messy looks! This is a style that shapes the face making any man look fashion forward and edgy, just pair it up with some loud patterns for the ultimate look.

Style Tip: This style can still be worn in low stylish man buns or pony tails, but can also be neatened up with a middle parting.

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