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How To Trim The Tufts In Our Nose And Ears

We’re not one to poke our noses and ears into other people’s business, but if we have to, we like them to be neatly trimmed. Nose and ear hair usually begins growing in men of their 30’s, and unlucky for us, just as the hair on our head is receding, the hair in our nose and ears starts sprouting. But that’s no excuse. With the latest grooming and trimming technology out, we have no reason not to be looking preened and polished. So on that note, let’s talk about the best ways to cut away those strays.

What not to do

There’s a long list of what not to do when removing hair from delicate areas, but our two particular don’ts are waxing and tweezing- we even shudder at the thought! Our first reason for not choosing these methods is - it’s absolute agony! Our other major reason for avoiding these types of hair removal is it can actually be really harmful.

Our top tips for grooming


Now, we hope that out of common courtesy for the people in your lives, you clean out the sticky stuff. But just in case, before you begin trimming, it’s best to make sure you’ve blown your nose and cleared out any wax sitting in your ears, otherwise this will make trimming much more difficult and definitely messier.

A magnifying mirror and a good light

Make sure you have hold of a good magnifying mirror and a room with some good lighting. It’s a dark cave in there, so it’s hard to see exactly what you’re doing.

Cut what you can see

The hairs in your nose and ears actually have a purpose, to protect you from dirt and dust particles. So don’t be forcing your trimmer too far into those crevices as you don’t want to be getting rid of the hairs entirely. Take our advice and only trim the tufts you can see.


Our main tip is that you purchase a trimmer that can be easily cleaned in water. Hygiene is very important in these areas, so make sure you choose a trimmer that can be rinsed before your next use. Our trimmers feature an active BladeClean system, where a touch of a button separates blades for easy rinsing.

A quick swab job

After trimming, there might be some left over hairs sitting in your nose and ears. We suggest you carefully use a cotton bud to swipe around the insides of the ear and nose to get rid of any excess hairs.

Our Trimmers

Smart Nose & Ear Trimmer

This affordable Smart Nose & Ear Trimmer is perfect for quickly trimming the strays growing out of your nose and ears.

Its linear trimming head works to make your life easier, by cutting away the hairs instead of you. This trimmer is also washable and can be easily cleaned before your next use. As we mentioned in the hygiene section - having clean tools is important. This battery operated model means you’ll spend no time waiting around for it to charge, just have some AA batteries to hand and you’re set to trim.

Nano Series Nose & Ear Trimmer

The Nano Series Nose & Ear Trimmer can keep your ears and nose feeling fur-free. Its showerproof exterior means it can accompany you in your normal morning routine and its Comfort trim technology means you can safely trim away hairs with ease.

This trimmer also takes hygiene seriously. Its Anti-microbial NanoSilver housing on its vertical trimmer head prevents bacteria and allows you to have a cleaner and healthier trim.

For those of you interested in full facial grooming, this AA battery operated trimmer also comes with 2 interchangeable heads and 2 vertical guide combs, perfect for trimming eyebrows, cutting nose hairs and managing those monobrows.

Lithium Nano Series Nose & Detail Trimmer

The Nano Series Lithium Nose & Detail Trimmer, comes with many of the amazing features of the Nano Series Nose & Ear Trimmer, but also includes extra special features.

Our favourite extra feature is the detail trimmer head that allows you to sculpt and shape your eyebrows, as well as your sideburns and beard line.

If you’re cautious about your cutting, the 5 setting guide comb can attach to your detail trimmer with the sizes 1-5mm to let you safely trim and achieve a variety of different lengths.

Most importantly, this trimmer is designed to last longer. This lithium powered trimmer lasts for an incredible 220 minutes, meaning you can achieve a larger amount of trims before the batteries run out.

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