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Guide To Beards

There’s a beard for everyone. Find yours below...

Full Beard

Did you know?
Beards are directly associated with perceptions of masculinity, dominance and maturity.

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It’s official: beards don’t seem to be budging! To achieve a truly memorable beard you can call your own, you first need to simply ‘Go for the grow!’ and then trim it using a beard trimmer to the shape and length you want - Pirate or Greek God - it’s your choice!

Three Day Stubble

Did you know?
Charles Darwin favoured the view that beards evolved as an ornament designed to attract females, much like the peacock’s plumage.

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For this style you can use a beard trimmer with a longer length setting and ensure that you get the look right by starting with the longer length setting first and working your way down from there.
Remember: Maintenance is essential for three day stubble!


Did you know?
In Ancient Sparta a smooth face was regarded as a sign of effeminacy. Cowards were punished by having to shave off a portion of their beards.

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Cultivation is key with the goatee, you really need to ensure that after a few days of growth you begin maintaining the style. For maximum impact, ensure the area around your goatee is free from stubble using a beard trimmer with a length setting of 0.2mm for this.


Did you know?
The Horseshoe moustache is associated with traditional masculinity and is popular with wrestlers, cowboys and bikers.

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For a truly masculine appeal a Horseshoe moustache is the way forward! Take your beard trimmer and select your desired length setting and then trim to perfection, being careful not to go too short. You can opt to trim an angular or rounded shape depending on what suits your face shape. Keep the remainder of your face hair looking neat by using the Stubble Comb. Cowboy boots optional.

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