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Grooming Guide

Want to know the best way to cut your own hair and trim your own beard? Look no further, our easy step-by-steps and videos below will teach you in no time!

How to clip your hair

  • Take your Remington hair clipper and select desired length.
  • Select the grade you want and fit it to the clippers.
  • Hold the clippers with teeth pointing upwards.
  • Start with the back of your neck, then the sides and finally the top.
  • Shave against the direction of growth.
  • Check yourself in the mirror at the end. Not for too long, mind!

How to trim your beard or stubble

  • Take your Remington beard trimmer and select desired length.
  • Start on the sides of the beard and move the trimmer from cheekbone to jawline.
  • Repeat on both sides of your beard before moving onto your goatee and moustache area.
  • Trim upwards on the neck from your Adam’s apple to your jawline.
  • Remove the comb to neaten the edges of your beard.
  • For stubble lengths, select a shorter comb setting and repeat the above steps.

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