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Want to find out which product you need to create each hair style? Look no further, we’ve got all you need to know below!

Perfect Blow Dry - Dryer

  • Towel dry your hair as much as possible (squeeze rather than rub), apply your favourite styling product, then rough dry using a Remington Dryer and comb through
  • Divide your hair into several sections and clip the top pieces up out of the way
  • Starting from the back of your head and working your way to the front, dry your hair section by section using a Round Brush to add volume
  • For straight styles finish drying your hair using a Paddle Brush
  • Direct the nozzle of the hairdryer around 6 inches away from your hair, always pointing down the hair shaft
  • Finally, give your hair a shot of cool air to set and finish

Shiny Straight Style - Straightener

  • Section clean, dry hair and comb through with a paddle brush
  • Slowly glide a straightener over small sections of your hair, start as close to the roots as you feel comfortable
  • For a super straight look, continue straightening all the way to the ends of your hair
  • Repeat through all sections of your hair until it looks smooth and glossy
  • Comb through and touch up any sections where flyaways are visible
  • Finish with a gloss serum or finishing spray for serious shine

Style Tip: To create extra volume, place the straightener at the roots and turn 90 degrees away from your head, then create an upwards curve as you style.

Loose Waves - Tong

  • Separate your hair into sections
  • Starting at the bottom of your hair, place a section of hair in the tong clip and barrel and rotate up to curl
  • Hold for 5-10 seconds and then release the curls
  • Use hair spray on the curls once they’ve cooled

Spiral Curls - Wand

  • Separate your hair into sections
  • Select appropriate temperature for your hair type on your Wand
  • Start closer to the root for tighter curls
  • Wearing a glove protection if provided, wrap a section of your hair around the barrel
  • Wait about 10 seconds for the curl to form
  • Release the curls
  • Repeat on each section of hair to create spiral curls
  • Leave to cool then separate curls gently with your fingers or for softer waves, gently brush your hair

Voluminous Waves - Heated Brush

  • Make sure your hair is clean, dry and tangle free
  • Take a section of hair at the crown, place the Heated Brush at the roots and wrap the section over the barrel
  • Hold the brush in place for 15 seconds
  • Press the curl release button and carefully draw the brush away
  • Repeat around the head

Top Tip: For thicker hair, use a higher setting.

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