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Romantic Hollywood Waves

Look and feel like your best you, with Romantic Hollywood Waves. Whether it’s your work’s Christmas Party or drinks with the girls, this look will add some serious glam to any outfit. And best of all, you can create this style in 3 simple-to-follow steps, giving you confidence that only comes with owning great hair.

Step 1

Begin by creating a deep parting at your preferred side. Then, using the PROluxe Midnight Edition Curling Wand, curl all of the hair in the same direction, away from the face.


Step 2

Next, comb through the hair to loosen the curls. Then, secure the thinner side of your hair behind your ear with a hair grip. Smooth the middle and ends of your hair with a light serum, to make it look extra sleek and shiny.


Step 3

Finish off this style with a spritz of hairspray, to help secure your curls in place.


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