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How to do a waterfall braid

For those brides that want to create a bohemian look – the waterfall braid adds a touch of hippie-chic style. Letting you work a beautiful, bridal braid that will flow freely into your effortless waves – this hairstyle will definitely wow on your wedding day. So follow our simple waterfall braid tutorial that gives you complete confidence to be you on your wedding day.

Step 1

Curl the hair using the Remington Keratin Protect wand . Make sure to curl the front of the hair away from the face.

Step 2

Centre part the hair using a brush and create two sections of hair on each side.

Step 3

Using the top sections of hair on either side create two Dutch braids.

Step 4

Using the lower sections of hair, start to create two French braids on either side. As you move along, continue to add pieces of hair into the braid to create the waterfall effect.

Step 5

Take the braided pieces of hair and secure them in the middle at the back of the head with a hair grip. Then add sprigs of gypsophila to finish the look.

Step 6

Finish by spraying the hair with a layer of hairspray or texture spray and add any final touches.

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