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How to create a low twist bridal ponytail

The low twist ponytail is the ultimate look for a flawless bride. Whether you want to work your waves or even try this style straight – this smoothed back hairstyle is seriously strong. Turning every head in the room as you make your grand entrance down the aisle, this wedding ponytail gives you the confidence to really own it. And the best part is, we’re going to show you how to create this sophisticated style in just a few simple and easy to follow steps

Step 1

Loosely create waves in the hair using Remington Air Plates Compact. Then backcomb the crown of the hair to add volume.

Step 2

Use a fine comb or your hand to smooth the hair round to one side of the head. Then secure it at the nape of your neck with a hair grip.

Step 3

Then with the remaining loose hair, smooth it round and twist it over the secured side to create the twist and ponytail shape. Then secure the hair in place with hair grips.

Step 4

Finally spritz a layer of hairspray over the hair to keep your style in place and finish by decorating with flowers or small statement clips.

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