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Why Choose a Facial Cleansing Brush

Meet Your New Skincare Must Have

Facial cleansing brushes are designed to work with your existing cleanser and clean up to 10 times deeper than manual cleansing. Manual cleansing only cleanses the surface, so dirt and make-up can be left trapped in pores.

The bristles of a cleansing brush reach where the hands can’t for a deeper cleanse. Plus the deep cleansing action works hard to gently remove impurities, improving the absorption and effectiveness of your skincare products.

Our facial cleansing brushes offer a number of benefits, take a look…

  1. 10 x more effective vs. manual cleansing*
  2. Noticeable smoother, cleaner, softer skin
  3. Makes your skincare products work harder
  4. Radiant results in 60 seconds
  5. Different brush head attachments to suit all skin types and needs

Before cleansing UV makeup applied

After cleansing with hands (20 Seconds)

After cleansing with REVEAL (20 Seconds)

See what the Experts say

Dr Barbara Kubicka has been hailed as one of the fastest rising Aesthetic Medicine Doctors in the UK, thanks to her unique combination of medical knowledge, technical expertise and aesthetic appreciation.

As the medical director of a leading skin and laser clinic in London, she shares her expertise, knowledge and passion and tells us why the REVEAL facial cleansing brush is top of her list for achieving flawless skin.

“Using the Remington REVEAL Cleansing Brush helps to exfoliate the skin, bringing younger, healthier skin to the surface. The brush heads are extremely gentle but cleanse the skin more effectively than manual cleansing alone. With regular use you can reveal more beautiful and radiant looking skin.”

*Vs. Manual cleansing, data on file.

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