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Facial Cleansing Brush Routine

Wondering how to use a facial cleansing brush? Here’s our guide to your beautiful new cleansing routine.


Your beautiful new cleansing routine


Remove Make-Up

Remove make-up & moisten face with warm water.


Wash Brush

Wet the brush head under running water.


Apply Cleanser

Apply cleanser to the brush or directly to the skin.


Cleanse Skin

Select speed setting. Cleanse the skin in 3 sections; the 20 second pulse indicates when to move to the next section.


Rinse Brush

After each use, rinse the bristles thoroughly with warm water.


Apply Cap

Protective cap is ideal for travel. Ensure bristles are dry before applying the cap.

Top tip: Don’t use the exfoliating brush with an exfoliating scrub or with cleansers that contain harsh chemicals or rough particles.

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