Your Definitive Grooming Regime:

We’ve been helping men look their best for over 70 years, so you can always trust us to give you the best tools for the job. From daily grooming rituals, to creative styling, choose from a range that covers everything a man needs to maintain perfection and keep on top form.

Close Shave: No more rusty razors. An electric shaver is a must-have item in any man’s wash bag. Sensitive skin will love a protective foil razor that gives a super-smooth shave, minus any irritation. Tackle tougher stubble with a robust rotary shaver, featuring up to three contour-tracking cutters, for a smooth shave every time.

Hair Today: Whether you’re experimenting with an on-trend style, or just maintaining your look between barber visits, browse our range of hair clippers and find the perfect match for your style preferences. Take control of unwanted ear, nose and body hair with our collection of personal trimmers and detailers. For permanent hair removal at home, experience our innovative and clinically-tested IPL laser hair solutions.

Brush Up: An easy-to-use Remington facial brush deep cleanses pores, dislodges impurities and energises dull skin. It couldn’t be easier to shake up your morning routine and Recharge your skin in just 60 seconds.